The Dark Forest of Meriment

About me


I published my first story as Meri Elena, my novelette "Anew," as a sophomore in high school, but I've been telling stories since I could talk and writing since I could put pen to paper. I became determined to write a book when I was in fourth grade. I didn't publish Nightfall until I was 16, but my three best friends never gave up on me through the entire journey and still haven't. I write short stories, not-quite-so-short stories, and am working on the sequel to Nightfall, Blood Magic. I meander through fantasy, science-fiction, horror, and sometimes other genres as the fancy strikes me. Many of my stories, including the book series, take place in my Brunswick expanded universe. Check that out a couple tabs over.


I'm a North Carolina State University alumna with undergraduate degrees in Plant Biology and Genetics. I live in Raleigh, NC with my cat and hedgehog. Down there on the left is an old picture of me holding a first edition of Nightfall, the self-published version with the old cover design, in my high school library. On the right is my little tiger, Joon. She thinks she's very scary.

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